Коуч по коммуникациям, преподаватель английского

Родной язык: английский (британский)

Профессионально обучает: английскому

Также говорит на немецком и испанском

В настоящее время живет в Винчестере, Великобритания

Основные услуги: Coaching for Fluency (Коучинг для спонтанного говорения), Коучинг в обучении иностранным языкам (для преподавателей ин. языков)

Pat is intrinsically interested in people and as a result enjoys listening and giving her full attention to whoever she is with. She has developed a coaching approach to language development that develops her client’s confidence while providing targeted feedback for improvement.

Pat has been involved in education all of her working life and worked with academics and students at University level as well as professionals within a business environment. She has lived worked for many years in Germany and Ecuador. She is currently working in England. She has a first degree in Psychology and further masters in Applied Linguistics as well as Computer Science. Her professional qualifications include: a post graduate certificate in Online Education, a practitioner qualification in NLP, Part 1 Diploma in Coaching Professional Coaching Skills — ACSTH/ACTP, (Coaching Development, London) and a certificate as a Business Cultural Trainer (International House, London). In addition, she enjoys writing: she is the co-author of six books (2 on eLearning and 4 on study skills) and the successful author of many bids for project funds ; she currently offers her services as a document writer/editor.
Pat enjoys long walks with groups and friends, growing her own vegetables, her community work as well as evenings out at theatre/concerts.

Her motto for life is:

Stephen Covey

One of our basic needs is to understand and be understood. (inspired by the 5th habit of highly effective people, Stephen Covey).p

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